I get everything out of the all performance.

One day in your life without me, please remember me to your good; My tolerance Do you remember we though in different corners of the earth But we have the same blue sky on his head.
One day your memory without me, don’t forget we are together every minute and second Don’t forget that I love what I hate And anyway I won’t forget any clips about your memory What are you used to dislike what feelings in the world there is no “fair" two words I don’t care about these our time together is the most beautiful memories in my life I will remember you promised me what promised me what.
If one day I no longer go to comfort you when you sigh You’re sad no longer sad with you don’t go with you heart to heart. That’s I really desperate Really broken Really tired. Because there are too many I am always pretend it doesn’t matter But I really don’t care? And how about you? CARES about everything to me? But I will be very remorse will hate myself Because I did a don’t keep promise. I know in fact it is all my fault I shouldn’t appear in your life I only do a silent love you of person silently waiting for you silently think you. But I get everything out of the all performance. Do you know a clearly understood finally moved yet?