I just want to simple, not demanding.

A person walking down the street, thinking of accumulation in mind alone. In fact, no promises, there will be no loss. I cling to dust between ordinary, because my life may not be too bright, but I want to have a vivid, a no regrets. Always feel disappointed, because the fear of separation. I’m very small, also very fragile, I can’t afford to lose one over ten thousand of the life, I just want to simple, not demanding.
Do not ask too much, afraid of burden, afraid of heavy, I just want to someone can occasionally to drop in anytime, tell, sigh, I just continue to strong and persistent.
Every day in my life, thanks to the existence of some people, thanks to some of the company, thanks to some people’s concern.
Maybe one day will leave, go far, I still hope to have a happy, maybe I will escape, just because I’m tired, I can’t imagine the future, can’t predict the future, I’m just looking forward to even stray years, also want to let all the wind with the cloud also fate.
I will stop his steps, let oneself have a moored at the shore, the time changes from day to day, I’ll go days old one day, if this life is not complete, the afterlife will also have a regret, incomplete perhaps is a kind of beauty, but too much pain and disability is a failure. (article reading web: www.sanwen.net)
In clear water, my heart is like a dream, I like to hand a lifetime of persistent, like the lingering as strong as death, like the romantic obsession, but I can more awake to face your own truth and light.
In the not far away, someone can warm my heart, in my acerb worry, refused to is not equal to give up, goodbye is not easy, but life is full of helpless and frustrated, I don’t wake the children is not only a dream, I must let oneself have a free and easy in earthly life, are optional.
I know I will cry, will love the deep, heavy pain, I don’t know whether someone can wait, you can trust, can be sincere, but I will solemnly promise, let oneself have a smile.