I am most proud of the bride!

The most afraid of a person in the face of the ambiguity of the night, it is always easy to pick on me the bars of a soul, release the memory’s nightmare, let your pain is so clear, cry to my inability to dry the tears! You easily give up the dependence of courage, let my eyes of sorrow hatred is like the water burst, consuming isolated as the soul of duckweed. Never expect your fingertips sparkling diamonds, I just want to put on red bottom drawer for you, waiting for you to be together LIDS, kiss me shy face, bent heart overflow meet happiness! Such a humble dream also could not escape the fate of break up, it doesn’t flow me!!!!!!!
Adhere to the beauty of love, in your mother cold eyes fall into ashes. Loathe to give up you gradually drawn in the cracks of affection and love, I will love fragments of the broken package, a person to stray. I leave the path strewn with lonely. Listed at that moment, I wish you can bully me in my arms, tightly, then I would be your night the bride, if have if have no shadow, quietly without complaint, even alone bear all the blame and scorn! Disappointment is like tide to left corner more than their own, and his shadow in pairs.
You said, mother, you always the first. For love, I pull the rebellious youth, smooth the edges and corners of individual character, tended to win the favor of her and get her sincere wishes wish my love. So proud of me, but let oneself in love if the ups and downs in light of the dust, the frustrations and the old have mercy! Exertion of language into her sword, stabbed my last dignity, before language tears flow. Hiding behind the great maternal love, you are cruel to see me in the feelings of apathy world gradually lose the courage of breathing.
My love, but is a wishful monologue! All pay are you despise more like abandoned the shoe, not a pity! Forgot how to pretend to be strong, weak ChengXu sneak attack, torn cover up, let me sad naked exposed. I stick to it, in your retreat into a rude stubborn, like food a pity love beggar, I live so vulnerable. If the break up, can give a perfect love, you want me to leave!
Dear, if the next life still remember me, please be sure to also me a wedding! Don’t oath, don’t flowers, a kiss as long as you sincerely, I am most proud of the bride!