Growth for our times is trauma!

Growth for our times is trauma, pain to will let us feel the price is too big? To let a person cannot stand to have to bear, because of we are timid, is humble. MAO once said of the world, until after twenty years naive to know the world is our, after all, but still you. Was born on a yoke, invisible pressure out of breath. (if you cry very sad you can experience) gradually, we begin to selective forget, forget the past, forgotten, forgotten existence to start, the final is in accordance with the universal values in way, seems to be a royal road, walk very comfortable, and she couldn’t understand happiness.
Youth, this only. What a pain comprehension, someone once said. It is a wisp of memory, this seems a long life of a brief moment. Don’t know if you could use it to define our today’s status quo, but at least we still care for the fruits of this seems like a sweet sadness. We dare not harvest, also don’t give up so easily frightened before had disappeared.
Associate to now of I, we, it is coming to an end the escape time, like a living from the FIG stolen from in a long time. We is wanton, fearless, delighted to taste it. Afraid to miss any moment, even will lost space without trace in the past. You can despise, despising even despised looked at a glance, we feel happy and sweet, will certainly remember, as a memorial of youth.
When I don’t know ShuaiZi from insane, clamoring for put a wildfire everywhere, I began to laugh at him himself. Was flying, bobo property hk, the elder brother of the army, and I also want to burn, seems to be burnt out that quiet as dead youth, make a toast. I hope you can wake up from the existence of the forgotten. Like a bunch of idiots fireworks, happy like a child. We are beginning to realize that we steal this brief moment seems to it’s payback time.
Bathhouse, ShuaiZi accidentally lost the key to the cupboard door DIY home, I’m sincerely apologize to uncle, but produce a “when he left to pay five dollars." Ask again, coldly “school regulations", in a flash of workers respect into anger. Even when wanting to feel “injustice" ran out of the asked me very bad, the other with a glower eyes looked at me, seemed to me to do the perverse, contrary to ethics of wickedness.
I want to cry, cry a moment. Mind to jump out of the former sketch, big changed the salt of the earth “king" lunch box. Bobo changed conscienceless “potato king", the elder brother of the army changed “director wang," ShuaiZi have four female students of “associate professor". Then we will be back with chains, to dark grave. There are endless you drifting heavy, how perception of the pain.
What we can do, can only leave some sorrow, with you together with chains.