I never admit I love romance.

Romantic two words, in the eyes, usually it is a special girl. After countless seasons the big man, but again and again mention romantic two words, no one not to flower heart of the theory of it. However, I am the old urchin you aside not believe this. Why is romance of boys and girls, it is a real pure beauty. And the big man say romantic, is that let people spit on love?
I never admit I love romance, that kind of quietly elegant romance, that kind of peculiar, sentimental appeal, always let me drunk. The drunk is my nature, I am not afraid of other people say I am romantic, I don’t want to change my hope of romance. Because, my romantic does not prevent, my heart is inherent in the masculine, but let me become a flesh and blood, real man, heavy sentiment, the heavy righteousness.
Last night, and had a dream, the dream is very beautiful, very romantic. Woke up, I feel, the dream of scene, is the heaven in my heart.
It was a quiet no one piece of wilderness, yuet light, shadows dim. Standing four hope, everything was covered in, between the interaction of stripe and night. All the scenery, is that fan fan receive with a mysterious diffused.
In this poem at the end of the wilderness, a purple clothes, like the wind slowly came to me. Floating dancing attire, constitute a living attitude. Such as organ of long hair, in the cool breeze gently float in the sky. I silently watching, the heart as the gently rocking the shadows, light xiang, QingYang. (prose reading: www.sanwen.net)
Took xian hands, without a trace on the heart, about worldly ambition and imagination. Each other a smile, fill in the heart, is that soft and affectionate without expression. Each other hand in hand, in the wilderness of the unmanned on walking happily. All of a sudden, hiding in the clouds, the moon in the sky universe are hidden up, too. Leaving each other, in the darkness of the grass, feel the heart quietly singing.
Like a meteor, in the in a flash slide across the sky. When all is silent in the wilderness, even the insects seem to hold the weak breath, all the busy world, secular materialistic, is far away from, heart is as empty as unreal, on the bottom.
Smell a wisp of refreshing fragrance, this must not be in the wilderness, mountain flower shed fragrance, the unique perfume is not only beautiful women. This is I for a long time to wait for, dream for the thousands of baidu, wipe the shade XinXiang total fitting for light. XinXiang intoxicating, but, I don’t want it for your own, I just want to in this wipe XinXiang intoxicated, make the remaining years, once again, glowing with unique charm.