按月彙整:五月 2014

I just want to simple, not demanding.

A person walking down the street, thinking of accumulation in mind alone. In fact, no promises, there will be no loss. I cling to dust between ordinary, because my life may not be too bright, but I want to have a vivid, a no regrets. Always feel disappointed, because the fear of separation. I’m very small, also very fragile, I can’t afford to lose one over ten thousand of the life, I just want to simple, not demanding.
Do not ask too much, afraid of burden, afraid of heavy, I just want to someone can occasionally to drop in anytime, tell, sigh, I just continue to strong and persistent.
Every day in my life, thanks to the existence of some people, thanks to some of the company, thanks to some people’s concern.
Maybe one day will leave, go far, I still hope to have a happy, maybe I will escape, just because I’m tired, I can’t imagine the future, can’t predict the future, I’m just looking forward to even stray years, also want to let all the wind with the cloud also fate.
I will stop his steps, let oneself have a moored at the shore, the time changes from day to day, I’ll go days old one day, if this life is not complete, the afterlife will also have a regret, incomplete perhaps is a kind of beauty, but too much pain and disability is a failure. (article reading web: www.sanwen.net)
In clear water, my heart is like a dream, I like to hand a lifetime of persistent, like the lingering as strong as death, like the romantic obsession, but I can more awake to face your own truth and light.
In the not far away, someone can warm my heart, in my acerb worry, refused to is not equal to give up, goodbye is not easy, but life is full of helpless and frustrated, I don’t wake the children is not only a dream, I must let oneself have a free and easy in earthly life, are optional.
I know I will cry, will love the deep, heavy pain, I don’t know whether someone can wait, you can trust, can be sincere, but I will solemnly promise, let oneself have a smile.

What do we casually chatting while enjoy flower.

After meeting our chatterboxes opens. We revolve around the youth, love, and campus, friendship talk endlessly. The morning she invited me to appreciate her rose garden, I also agree. What do we casually chatting while enjoy flower. When it comes to marriage, I ask her: “you are so a person to see how people love beauty married such an ugly man?"
Classmates laughed and said: “regardless of that, in the afternoon I need a the most beautiful rose, will you take off a come over to my rose garden, please?"
Into the rose garden, a floral notes. In her rose garden flower makes me overwhelmed. Red, black, yellow, white, pink, pale green, orange, purple, blue, orange, and some I said not to come out of color. Even local rare Louis xiv, coffee, peach, the izu dancer and other varieties of roses is impressively open here. Think of classmate asks me some puzzled, what are the most favorite flower?
I went in to pick a red rose, it make me touched a warm and fragrant. When I saw the black roses found that black is eternal, so I lost a hand picked red roses to a black rose. In the rose garden at the gate of the classmate told me, in the rose garden, you can choose at will, but only one principle, can only go forward can’t go back and pick up lost a rose. I thought in the world of this outstanding displays the devil will unfortunately discarded a flower. Choose to choose to I discovered in numerous rose choose the best not easy at all. Now I was in his hand a “the izu dancer". The rose made in Japan, precious and clinking, here’s my hand this is the most brilliant a rose garden.
I turned to go out, she found in the rose garden of the northwest and a buckle with plastic tent). I think, students should most precious flowers there. So I threw his hand in the “the izu dancer", headed for the plastic casing. In just know there are not delicate and charming rose, and many are already dead, no dead who are dying. I sigh and get ready to go pick up “the izu dancer" just throw it away. Then think of my classmates have just said, she doesn’t allow me to turn back.
I walked out of the rose garden listlessly, hand is a small and ugly red roses. I dare say that this must be the most ugly flower in the rose garden. Looked at my friend smiled, she said: “my dear, my garden of roses is this flower is the best?"
In the face of the classmate’s question I was speechless.
Friend said: “now let me answer your question: just now when I was a young beautiful girl beside the pursuers. I stray in their tender. Always want to choose a I most satisfied. But years passed in a twinkling of an eye, I just found out that they have good side, at the same time, they all have their own shortcomings. I began to fret, began to hate to love, hate in the trouble. Until one day when I went to buy flowers met my husband now. Although he is not handsome, but is sincere. I bet he run rose garden is one of the best in this city. I think that he can be so gentle to each flower, that must be good for me." And she smiled, “after three months of the love we get married, now we happy happy life, the most important thing is, he always has the scent of roses, like his gentle."

I feel the professional is kindly.

In fact, the wedding consultant what “marketing skills" and “secret", marketing is the job of the other colleagues, guests didn’t make deposit didn’t spell is not design. (when it comes to design, in this era of information developed, within a certain range of budget, and in the frequency of a wedding on Monday, a large number of homogeneity of suppliers, products homogeneity is not new) early do good “service", the person responsible for reception to meet or exceed customer expectations, is the key to the success of sales, is all the customer experience, word of mouth publicity, and the foundation of the brand image. Some students don’t want to listen to me talking about wedding consultant of clothing, a smile, sit… But the important “the first effect", a lot of guests would rather believe that at the beginning of the meeting for 30 seconds, also not too identity wedding consultant recommendation for 30 minutes. In committee lectures has been there for six years, at least one thousand wedding consultant know first meet to shake hands with guests, but over the years, I feel the “professional, kind, enthusiasm" handshake, a few times.
Some wedding company boss feel I speak this level is very low, “the father of modern marketing", “marketing world Einstein" professor Philip kotler’s “marketing principle of" the first chapter is wrote “successful companies today are all take the customer as the center and attaches great importance to marketing", “when the company’s product performance has reached the customer expectations, can produce customer satisfaction; when their performance is lower than the customer expectations, customers will not satisfied; when the performance beyond customer expectations, will make customers happy." Views are the master, just I say vernacular.
Christmas day from shenzhen to fly back to Beijing for the first time by the first class, she gave me a unforgettable experience, perhaps you laugh at me, just for the sake of can lie flat big chairs and slippers, power supply and cable jack… Because the flight attendant and all my conversation is a squat, her height type squatting is very beautiful, her pen and paper to write down my name and call me, miss li in my cup dissatisfaction with every half hour to help me buy drinks, and when I said I don’t need dinner asked me if I want to eat some fruit… My newspaper, beverage and food economy class is no different, seems to be a flight attendant did not pull the I said “you were sitting in our company after flight!" , but I will as much as possible to choose the airline, under the condition of the economic conditions allow several times the first class, as well as from time to time to my friends say “* * aviation service is so good, isn’t that a successful service industry sales so!